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Cell Wall & Membrane X
Plasmodesmata X
Cytoskeleton X
Cytosol X
Endoplasmic Reticulum X
Rough ER X
Smooth ER X
Ribosome X
Golgi Apparatus X
Vacuole X
Mitochondrion X
Plastids X
Chloroplast X
Peroxisome X
Nucleus X

Works Cited (URLs)


Campbell, Neil A., and Jane B. Reece. Biology. 8th ed. San Francisco: Pearson Education, 2008. Print.
Goldberg, Deborah T. AP Biology. 2nd ed. New York: Barron’s Educational Series, 2007. Print.



Wally images from the book Where’s Wally?
Handford, Martin. Where’s Wally? London: Walker, 2007. Print.

Cell Wall & Membrane images:

Cytoskeleton images:

Ribosome image:

ER image:

Rough ER image:

Golgi Apparatus images:

Vacuole image:

Plastids image:

Chloroplast images:
Peroxisome images:

Animation videos (Extras):


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