A Brief Overview

What? A plant cell?

Plant cells significantly differ from animal cells. Some differences include: the existence of cell walls, chloroplasts, plasmodesmata, and a large central vacuole, but a lack of lysosomes, and fewer mitochondria. You will discover much more on your epic journey :]



Hello, friends!

My name is Wally.

I travel around the world. You can accompany me if you like. All you have to do is find me.

Recently, I began a project searching for organelles of plant cells. Organelles are specialized subunits that carry out specific functions within the living cell. I would appreciate if you could help me find these organelles along my journey.

I carry all I need: a cane, a kettle, a hammer, a cup, a backpack, a sleeping bag, binoculars, a camera, goggles, a belt, a backpack, and a shovel.

Oh boy, I’m excited!

See if you can find me, and the organelles I’m looking for!